Wednesday, August 26, 2009

{off for a few days...}

i'll be off for the next few days... packing my suitcase tonight with:
* my 1950's vintage pink bridesmaid dress
* my pretty cream & gold peep-toe shoes
* my karma necklace
* a few other flowy garden dresses for the rehearsal and brunch
the house will be full of family and friends... a reunion sleep-over and wedding to boot!


  1. Have a good time! It sounds like a fine old-fashioned garden party atmosphere. (And I want all of those suitcases.)

  2. A great visual concept of nothing but a pancake stack made of pillows and cases to say,
    ..."Sleep away".

  3. Have a wonderful time!! What fun you will have! :)

  4. Everything you're packing sounds so pretty! Have a lovely time!


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