Tuesday, September 8, 2009

{a garden wedding...}

With the house to myself this weekend, I had plenty of time to fuss over the pictures that C and I took at my sister's wedding. I thought I would take this week to share many of the perfectly lovely details, starting today with the exquisite flower arrangements by the exceptionally talented miss L.

For months, my mom scoured every second hand store in southern ontario for milk glass, big and small. The bud vases were my absolute favourite, setting the tone of a sweet garden day as guests walked past the living room mantel on their way to the back yard.

On their way out, guests were invited to take a jar of honey, made by our priest. The tiered tray turned out beautifully, especially L's flower arrangement on top!

These are my mom's famous shortbread cookies and below her favourite detail of the wedding, L's arrangement in the center of a heart-shaped tray. I think the two of them need to start their own business!


  1. Oh I love this - love the honey jars and I was just thinking recently that if I ever got married I would love to use milk glass because I really love it.

  2. I can't imagine anyone would dare eat the cookies...they are so beautiful! They look stunning paired on the heart tray with the gorgeous flowers. And the milk glass is just so pretty. I love it all!! Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. hi there! i love milk glass. i always pick it up when i'm shopping. it would be so nice to take it home with me next time and start a collection.

  4. Hi Kristi (I can't see your email address on your blog.) I'm hoping to use a few of your photos on my blog this week - let me know if that's not ok. Thanks.

  5. aw, we're doing honey as our favors too--and i love the way your jars are arranged on the tiers.


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