Monday, September 14, 2009

{a traveler's room...}

C and I have one room left in the house to play with, and even though C gets full creative control of this one, I found a few images that could serve as great inspiration for his map idea ;)

I love the row of globes here, why have one when you can have a whole collection?!

Love the masculine vibe going on here, since our room is small, two chairs like this would be perfect in lieu of a couch...

This door! So creative...

C is looking for a minimalist look for this room, this simple black on white is very cool!

Love the size of this vintage map, looks great with the white walls and wood chairs.

Ok, so the room isn't a kitchen, but I love this anyways!

Do you have any map inspiration to share?


  1. Gosh I just love maps (and globes too!). These are such great, inspirational images!!

  2. Nice- love the map door and masculine room too.

  3. I love old maps! So many adventures to go on!! :)

  4. I love the globe collection. Maps seemed completely ubiquitous for some time, but they really are timelessly chic!

  5. oh, this is great! we've been thinking about doing something similar in our dining area.


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