Tuesday, September 1, 2009

{your bike is hot!...}

How great are these little tags from yourbikeishot.com?! What a rush it would be to find one of these hanging from Olive's handlebars. I may just need to print some of these.
*photo via candycranks.com


  1. What a fun idea!! :) I'd love to get one! haha!

  2. Very cute way of spreading joy and would certainly perk one up!

  3. Hi Kristi,Thanks for stopping across at my blog and leaving a comment. I love this cute idea of leaving a message on the bike handles. This is the kind of thing that would brighten up your day. You should make your own fun messages to leave on bikes! :)

  4. Ha! That is awesome. I love it, and I love your blog, too. You have quite a collection of beautiful photographs from around the web - they look so lovely here. I'm glad our paths have crossed...


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