Tuesday, October 27, 2009

{trailer park with a view...}

When I imagined going to South Africa one day, I have to say that the idea of catching the sunset over Table Mountain from my own rooftop trailer never occurred to me!

Cape Town`s Grand Daddy Hotel boasts 7 indie-decor trailers, each with a unique theme, design and private outdoor garden. Not sure this would be my choice, but I tip my hat to the Grand Daddy for dazzling creativity!


  1. I believe we should all make our way back to dwelling in pods. A simple dream is an easy dream.

    Be well. Live swell.

  2. This is interesting...very creative.

  3. Trailers on rooftops, garden included, great concept!

  4. I promise you, they are really awesome! And they also have an outdoor cinema on the rooftop too, showing old classic movies!


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