Monday, November 23, 2009

{lovely figs...}

This is the first food post I've made, but really, who could resist snapping a few shots of these gorgeous figs?! Mother nature does some incredible work... I grilled these veggies as a side to sun dried tomatoes and goat cheese stuffed chicken.
I've been somewhat out of touch lately with the trip to Cuba and getting up to speed on my new job. But I'm back this week and will be sharing more photos of Havana as well as a special Thursday post celebrating the upcoming Vancouver 2010 Olympics.
This will be a regular Thursday event until I head out West to Volunteer for the Games.
Wishing you a fruitful week!


  1. Hi, You have a new job? Congrats!! Still at B & R though, right?

    I have a new blog as well...sort of a family & fashion crossover blog :) It is below.

    -Jen Laceda of Les Filles Giada et Cairo


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