Friday, February 5, 2010

{weekend inspiration...}

Last weekend we cleared the basement, what a liberating chore... Goodbye junk, hello empty space! All of the odds and ends that we had collected when we moved in were thrown down into the basement and we finally took it all to Goodwill. Now that the whole house feels cleaner, its easier to be creative about what kind of pieces to pull into the house to add a little style.

I am absolutely in love with this loft from Apartment Therapy. Just the right mix of masculine-industrial and feminine-antique! I'm hoping to make a quick jaunt to Post and Beam Reclamation in Toronto's Junction to see if I can find something for somewhere... who knows?!

The bedroom is my favourite... the headboard is incredible isn't it?!

And this shoe... amazing!


  1. I just adore this open, airy space! How I wish I can own a place like this! It's so hard here in Toronto...with zoning laws and City of TO permits bureaucracy. Trust me, we've gone through 3 years of renovation hell! We're in the home stretch now (cross your fingers), but our expenses are through the roof that we can't even afford to live in our own house anymore - have to sell it once the renos are done! C'est la vie! That's the Toronto housing / reno market for you. And I hate HGTV for misleading people on how easy renos are!

  2. that shoe is serious business!
    nice space - thx for sharing :D

  3. Am impressed - I am always trying to declutter but never quite manage it. It's the story of my life...


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