Monday, March 29, 2010


While reading the Globe and Mail yesterday over brunch, I stumbled on London's latest trend, the gastrotel. Hoteliers are re-introducing the traditional experience of renting a room above a local tavern; sprucing up the rooms without losing the authenticity of the pub. I am completely charmed by the 12th Century Old Bell Inn.

As someone who works in travel, I hate to confess that my last trip to London was a complete disaster, roaming the streets upon arrival in the pouring rain in search of our (a-hem prepaid) Craigslist flat that didn't exist. I have a feeling that one of these pub stays would be far more successful!

By the way, our brunch at a new spot in the hood was rather disappointing and confirmed we'll be sticking to our local fave, the always delicious Harbord House.

photos from here, here and here.

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