Wednesday, April 21, 2010

{a blog award from splendid willow...}

I am long overdue to thank the lovely Monika over at Splendid Willow for honouring me with a very sweet blog award. I have been oggling Splendid Willow for months and was delighted to see little lovelyvelo appear on her list.

Now, I am tasked to share 7 things about me that you don't already know, so you won't find anything in this list about pretty hotels, lovely bicycles, paper, or reclaimed wood ;) Hope you enjoy these random little facts.

1. I was born in beautiful British Columbia. Although I love living in Toronto, I am a West Coast girl at heart and miss the ocean, mountains and stunning forests.

2. Maybe because I hail from Vancouver, I feel happiest when it's raining and I have a killer collection of umbrellas!

3. Rain or shine, I love a good game of cards. I grew up playing cribbage with my grandpa and a night with my cousins rarely ends without a game of Traveling Rummy.

4. I speak Chinese. I went to a High School for the arts where most of my classmates were from Hong Kong. They got to take Mandarin, so I decided to join! I lived in Beijing and think China is one of the most fascinating countries in the world. These characters say: Women dou shi yi jia ren... We are family.

5. When I travel to China, I can't come home without pillowcases. I have 2 antiques made by the Naxi women of Lijiang in southern Yunnan province. These pillows with my posing kitty Boomer are from India.

6. I absolutely can not go a day without chocolate. The best chocolate cake I've ever had was in Zhongdian, China on the border of Tibet!

7. I have traveled to 29 countries. I was aiming for 30 before I turned 30, but I'll have to set a new goal. I'm turning 31 next month.

In the past year, I've stumbled upon so many lovely and inspiring blogs. I'd like to pass this lovely award to this list that always make my day a little brighter. Folks below, feel free to share 7 unknowns with your readers and to pass along this beautiful blogger award ;)

Photos: Capilano Suspension Bridge; Girl in the Rain; Playing Cards; Chinese Characters; Boomer photos by me; Chocolate; Me in Cuba by C.


  1. Oh my! Thank you so much for the honor! And a very happy upcoming 31st birthday.

  2. So sweet of you, thank you so much for including me on your list! Yes, and Happy Birthday to you too!

  3. Thank you so much Kristi! I absolutely loved your list, sounds like you've lived a fascinating life so far! And your cat is so gorgeous!!x

  4. thank you so very much! you are so sweet, i loved reading your 7 things. :) and oh my goodness, i adore your blog! it's amazing.

  5. Kristi,

    How wonderful to get to know you even better! And I knew there was a talented girl behind that lovely blog. Smart, beautiful, well traveled + she loves cats and chocolate. You are a rock star!

    Cyber hug to you my friend, ox Mon

  6. Great post! 29 countries! Wow! :)
    by the way, I took the quiz and am a VATA as well. :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Thank you Kristi! I am honored :)

    P.S: I am a bicycle fan too! Do take a look at my other blog for some bicycle eye candy :)

  8. Hi, Kristi. I am more overdue than you! Thank you for sharing... what a really great post. I'm so happy to learn about you.

  9. Xie xie ni! I'm so honoured. And I really enjoyed reading your list too! 29 countries! I'm so envious!

  10. I love your list.

    And being a BC girl myself, I know what you mean about the rain. Sometimes I long for the sun, but there's just something so soothing about the sound of rain on the rooftops and in the tall trees!

    Love your blog. It's really wonderful.

  11. You have a lovely blog and impressive travelling credentials.Congratulations!

  12. hi kristi,

    we are so flattered to be in your list - thankyou so much! and glad that you like our little blog.

    great list too - your cat is beautiful!

    thanks again,

    sammy & glenn


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