Thursday, April 1, 2010

{a weekend pedal in the}

Inspired by PUBLIC's contest, I thought I'd guide you - my lovely readers - on a wee pedal through Toronto today. The sun is shining and Olive is happy to be out and about...
Because it's just a leisurely ride, we'll meet at the Harbord Bakery for a little pain au chocolat and maybe throw a baguette in our basket for a nibble later on.
We'll head south to my favourite 'hood, Kensington. Riding the side streets, we'll surely get a glimpse of some other great bikes of all kinds and vintages. You could spend hours skipping in and out of the eclectic shops of Kensington, but sometimes the people watching is better when you just breeze right through. We will, however, make one stop at Global Cheese. After all, we need a little brie to go with our baguette!
We'll take Dundas, a bit chaotic, but just far enough East to catch a glimpse of the oh-so-pretty AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) before scooting up Beverly and crossing my favourite restaurant strip on Baldwin.
As Beverly turns into St. George, we'll pedal through the University of Toronto campus. I love winding through the small paths of the school's beautiful old architecture. We'll hop off here so I can show you my secret little find, hidden in the Knox College building, the most beautiful chapel in the city.
Lucky for us, there's a beautiful courtyard in Knox College where we can enjoy our baguette and brie. A perfect way to end our ride. Hope you enjoyed!
*photo via dace.


  1. Oh the memories your little pedal has brought me! Standing in line at harbord bakery to buy challah for my boyfriend's mother on rosh hashannah, being embarrassed by my father at global cheese when he asks for free samples of EVERY CHEESE in the store, walking past the AGO every thursday afternoon on my way to my flute lessons...

    i love living in san fran but toronto will always be home!!

  2. I so enjoyed the ride! And the words! You got my vote, Kristi! I cross my fingers and toes that Olive soon will move in for good!

    Happy Easter, friend!

    ox, Mon


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