Tuesday, June 1, 2010

{suitcase tuesday: sex + the city in... marrakech?}

I confess... I went to see Sex and The City 2 this weekend. Not quite as good as the first one, but still some pretty amazing travel fashion to oggle over. Did you know that the Abu Dhabi trip was actually filmed in Morocco and the exquisite hotel is the Mandarin Oriental?

I loved the flash back to all the girls in the 80's. Can you imagine what Carrie must have had in these suitcases?! My favourite ensemble from her Abu Dhabi (ahem, Marrakech) suitcase has got to be the huge purple skirt and Dior t-shirt. Can't say it's a typical style for bargain hunting in the souks - but I adore the Dior!

*Photos from here, here and here.


  1. I've not seen the movie and honestly wasn't planning to until it comes out on video, but if it was filmed in Morocco, I will! I had the great pleasure of spending seven years traveling to and from and around Morocco and love catching glimpses in movies of places so familiar. I got to watch some of the filming of Black Hawk Down on one trip...and laugh at a pretentious film crew dude at the US embassy who had lost his passport and wasn't having much success impressing the embassy staff of his importance.

    Marrakech is my second favorite Moroccan city, Fez taking a first place by a huge lead! My half Moroccan son and I have actually been trying to polish up on our darija - and not doing too bad!

  2. The amusing thing for someone who lived in Abu Dhabi for 5 years and knows both the UAE (of which Abu Dhabi's the capital of course) and Marrakech/Morocco well is how the image above could be nowhere *but* Marrakech/Morocco and could never be in Abu Dhabi/UAE. The places are *so* vastly different. What were they thinking? Bizarre.


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