Friday, July 30, 2010

{kitchen envy...}

My pie baking experience last weekend has me anxious to get back into the kitchen. I'll be in farm country tomorrow training for next Sunday's duathlon, so I plan to stock up on heeps of raspberries and blackberries. If only my baskets and I were returning to a kitchen like this one...

Wouldn't you bake more in here?!

* Photo via here.


  1. My excuse for not baking is that my kitchen is too tiny! I would have no issues baking there! xxx

  2. Absolutely loved that image. Just look at that set of drawers made from cargo crates...brilliant piece of reuse...
    ..and you bake pies? how cool is that?
    I am so glad I found my way here:)

  3. i want this kitchen - it's perfect!


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