Wednesday, July 29, 2009

{an august getaway with coco+kelley...}

In pouring over Cassandra's beautiful blog at Coco+Kelley, I discovered her wonderful plan to gather August vacation ideas from her readers.
As a Trip Planner for a high-end travel company, I spend my year designing cycling and hiking trips in Asia - from the exotic beaches of Vietnam to the peaceful backwaters of Southern India. When August rolls around, things are quiet in my work life, so I get to spend a little time planning a trip just for me. No place beckons an August getaway quite like Canada, British Columbia's cabin country in particular.

So, my day begins waking up in a rustic log cabin much like this one...

... and a jog through the morning grass (maybe with that dog I've been dreaming about getting ;)...

... a post-lunch game of cards is a must with folksy tunes in the background...

... a little alone time to stroll the nearby trails on horseback...

... and finally a sunset cruise on the water before getting cozy at the campfire... hello august!
*log cabin photo via
*remaining photos via dace clothing

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