Friday, October 2, 2009

{cooking inspiration from italy...}

I'm cooking for C's family for the first time this weekend and wishing I had a little more room to work with - our kitchen is so tiny!

While I may not have this dreamy space to cook in (photographed by the amazingly talented Jordi Canosa), at least ideas of an italian-inspired meal are flowing... How spectacular is this italian abode?!

Welcoming any and all menu suggestions!


  1. those photos are inspiring, simple and very welcoming. +wood, <3 kitchen

  2. I love Jordi Canosa's work. Just all of it.

    As for a menu, what about adding a tomato basil mozzarella appetizer to the menu? Costco has the most amazing bufalo mozzarella that they import from Italy. My boyfriend's father grew up in Rome and he's said that in all his time here in the US, he hasn't found better mozzarella. It's nice and simple and let you focus on preparing the rest of the meal while everyone is just raving.

  3. lovely photos but on a completely unrelated note...i thought you might appreciate this story. happy weekend!

  4. Good luck with family! I have a great dessert recipe that always is a winner! It is easy and so good - called "Gino" (appropriate yeah!). I would be happy to email it to you if you want it.

    And I take that reading nook any time!


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