Tuesday, October 20, 2009

{the turquoise coast...}

I am just back from an exhilerating sail along the Turquoise Coast, hopping from island to island in both Turkey and Greece!

The mezes (appetizers) were always fresh and full of suprisingly delicious flavours. My favourites were peppers stuffed with aromatic rice and filo pastry with feta cheese and parsley (i had a chance to make these myself!)...

The villages were rustic and home to warm and welcoming local people...

And of course the gorgeous blue waters of the Aegean and Mediterranean took my breath away every day.


  1. Oh, now I have seen your pictures I am even more jealous! Did you keep good weather as it can begin to get rather chilly out there at this time of year? Sigara börek (filo pastries) are one of my absolute favourites and part of a very indulgent breakfast when we holiday in Turkey each year - did you try baklava too? Glad to hear you had an amazing time.

  2. Love the pillows in the first picture....just gorgeous!

  3. Oh how divine! sounds amazing! I loved their thick, creamy Greek yoghurt and honey when I was there! Still dying to go to Turkey :)

  4. So dreamy...I miss Greece. I have yet to set foot on Turkey, though!

  5. Welcome back! How wonderful! I have been to Greece many times and I have only very fond memories. Did you bring home any lovely things for the home? Happy week! Monika.



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