Sunday, January 17, 2010

{the weekend...}

I was so excited to find this ayurvedic tea at Chapters on Friday, the perfect way to kick off my much needed weekend of relaxation. This particular tea is meant for balancing Vata - which is my dosha type - something I had the great joy of learning at the Ananda Ayurveda Spa in Northern India. Learning about your dosha type helps you find ways to balance your lifestyle, I've tried it and it works! A fun quiz - learn your dosha type here!

Oh, and this is just a great picture I snapped of my kitten yesterday, I couldn't resist sharing it!


  1. OMGosh Kristi! I LOVE cats (have 2 myself) and this cutie is painfully adorable! Great photo. I might just need to use it on my blog (linked to yours). And now I need to find out what Dosha type I am! Happy week, friend! Mon

  2. I'm really picky about tea; love it, but am an Earl Grey girl at heart. But I LOVE the picture of your cat. I have four and they seem to be sources of constant photographic inspiration!


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