Wednesday, June 9, 2010

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Hello everyone, I’m Sandy from Cookie Cutter and I’m so honoured to be guest posting here! When Kristi said that the post was to be about my favourite city, I had the answer in my head in a second. There’s no doubt about it that I’m fanatical about the Land of the Rising Sun-- Japan! Having resided in a beautiful Japanese countryside previously, I initially planned to write about my second home. But I thought Tokyo with all its charms and allure will be more interesting for you. So, you ready? Here we go!

Let’s see, a day in Tokyo... I would start my day EARLY. Now I know “early” is very subjective, so I mean even before the sun gets up. Why? This would be the time when the world renowned Tsukiji Fish Market is abuzz with energy and action. Now, few things would get me up from the bed early, Tsukiji would. Trust me, it’ll be worth it. Because right after you’ve caught the action of the auctioning of newly caught fish and seafood, you find yourself a nice little shop (there are countless) and order yourself some sashimi. Freshest of the fresh!

With my stomach now satisfied, I can dwell on other things, namely all things craft related! I love my fabrics so Fabric Town is where I’ll head to next. There are numerous shops (and fabrics) to feast your eyes on but I always make it a point to stop at Tomato. Florals, cartoon prints, kawaii... you name it, they have it, and available not only in bundles but also pre-cut smaller swatches! [image 3] One other crafty place all creative folks have to visit is Tokyu Hands. There are several outlets in Tokyo but in all of them, I always find myself in craft supplies paradise!

I suppose my stomach will be growling by now. A wonderful area to visit and soak in the creative/artsy vibes is Nakameguro. I’ll pick a lovely cafe and be charmed by the decor. Oh, of course stuff my face with bread and pastries too!

If I tear myself away from the charming area in time, I can make a quick visit to Meiji Jingu (shrine). Enjoy the walk and peacefulness that pervades the grounds.

The juxtaposition of this serenity is really just next door. Harajuku! It’s a must go, even if it’s just to people watch. Experience the energy and witness the cutting edge fashion of the young Japanese.

As the sun sets, I’ll make sure I find time to have an enjoyable dinner with my Japanese friends. More oishii food washed down with Kirin beer, punctuated with lots of laughter. Ah, bliss!

The truth is, there’s so much more to Tokyo. Each time I visit, I find it fresh and exciting! Thanks once again to Krisiti for letting me have the chance to share over here. I hope you’ve enjoyed a day in Tokyo with me. I had fun :)

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