Tuesday, June 8, 2010

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Hi, Monika from Splendid Willow here. The lovely Kristi asked me to jump in and write a post when she is globetrotting the world. She is a creative girl, a good friend, and I was delighted to contribute.

I could take you to so many fun, chic and happening places in my old home town of Stockholm...Instead, hop on my bike! I am going to take you to one - and only one place in that fantastic city.

A marvelous spot smack in the middle of the city. A place that it so unique in the world - Skansen.

Skansen is the world's oldest open air museum, founded in 1891 by Arthur Hazelius. His motto was "Know thyself", for Hazelius that meant, 'we can we only truly know ourselves by knowing our history'

He realized, during his travels around Sweden, that the old agrarian society was about to disappear. Many people moved from rural to urban. Skansen was built with the purpose of showing how people lived and worked in different parts of Sweden before industrialization. Hazelius wanted to show buildings from that time. Plants and animals from all over Sweden - from north to south. And that is what Skansen is today - a living outdoor museum. A historic mini Sweden.

Skansen features amazing views overlooking the capital and antique farmsteads and houses that have been imported from all over the country.

As a child I remember I always enjoyed visiting the old Swedish countryside school. Recess was a little different back then! And the animals are amazing. At Skansen you will get a chance to see animals from the Nordic countries.

There is much to see and do at Skansen. In my opinion, it is one of the best places in the world to learn, explore and just enjoy.You are not allowed to visit Stockholm without a visit to this national treasure!

What I also like about Skansen is the so typically Swedish, peace and quiet.You can walk around here for hours and yet you never leave feeling drained. Just enlightened! There is no plastic anywhere nor loud music, or stressed, screaming people. Instead if feels like you just visited a sanctuary.

Thank you dear Kristi for having me. Enjoy your trip and come home safely. Happy week to all your readers!


  1. so cool! each picture tells a story! :D
    thanks for sharing - im liking these guests posts!

  2. oh my, how incredible! thank you so much for sharing. :)

  3. Kristi dear, thank you for having me. I had so much fun writing this piece! I was going to link back - and then I realize that I forgot!

    I will link next week from a post that works.

    Now, tell me about Mallorca. Did you have just the best time??!!! I love that island!

    ox, Mon

  4. Monika, You do indeed lead a very colorful life. I would have liked to follow you around the world.

  5. Skansen dear Skansen - a definite destination when in Stockholm and a dear family favourite!

    Have now read two gorgeous Summer guest posts by you - both about Sweden, and am aching with homesickness! :)


    x Charlotta

  6. Monika, this looks like such a special and charming place! I am just now re-reading "My Swedish Island" and Skansen is just how I picture many of the things the author talks about. Really really lovely! xx Suzanne


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