Thursday, June 10, 2010

{guest post: Petits Mots...}

When Kristi asked me to contribute to her blog as a guest writer, she thought it might be nice to have a bit of "Canadian Content"... Having lived my whole life in Montreal, I started to think about what truly keeps me here (aside from family and friends and work), and I suppose it is the fact that it does not get any better than this! The quality of life and the culture of the city beats any North American city I know. In fact, perhaps it compares well to many European cities.

Montreal’s proximity to the mountains and lakes takes you out of the city and onto your skis or bike for the weekends. My favorite times are one and one with the outdoors. We have four wonderful distinct seasons and the activities that go with them. In the Fall, our markets explode with color and smell, the apples are ripe for picking, the trees leaves go from green to red to orange to yellow. Our winters start early and end late, but they are picture perfect white landscapes with great blue skies and lots of fresh cold snow; Our spring brings corn snow skiing and maple syrup “tire” on snow, and finally our summer gives us great bike rides through the for farmland crops and long lazy days on the lake!

Petits Mots.


  1. I love Montreal. I lived in Trois-Rivieres for a while (a long time ago!) and I spent every weekend in Quebec City or Montreal. They are just beautiful, both of them...

  2. As much as I hate being cold, I would love to have four distinct seasons like you do!! I lived in Canada for a while and visited Montreal and I agree, it is indeed a great place!


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